Trail Pass (TMA) & Memberships

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Good things come to those that wait.

This is your key to access 4,700 miles of pristine trails throughout the state of Vermont.


Welcome to the Trail Pass and Membership page. Trail passes are often also referred to as TMA’s or Trail Maintenance Assessments.

This page will guide you to the most appropriate way to purchase your trail pass. A VAST Trail Pass (TMA) is required to ride the VAST trail system in addition to any state registration. The price of the trail pass is based on the state registered. “Early bird” TMA pricing is available from the time of the release until opening day of the trails (December 16, 2018).

A “Family TMA” can be purchased for a reduced price after paying for the first two TMAs at the regular price. In order to receive “family” pricing, all snowmobiles must be registered to the same person/s and address. ***Family pricing only available before 12/16/18.

Not all types of TMA’s can be purchased on our website. Examples of other types are Antique, Vintage, and even special pricing for veterans. See the VAST flyer at the bottom of this page!

Before you can purchase a TMA, you must agree to the following language
prior to submission of the electronic form:

If you are new to the trail pass buying process, read this document for an explanation of categories and pricing.

To purchase your trail pass using a credit card, click here:

To purchase your trail pass using a check and mailing in the paper forms, click here:

If you have purchased your TMA with another club, but still want to support our club, you can purchase a club membership only. Every club membership is important to us and is put directly into trail maintenance and grooming. Use the button below to purchase a Drift Dusters Membership. If you have any questions email us at

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2018-2019 TMA Pricing

This image is a list of all of the TMA prices for the 2018-2019 season.

These prices do not include
club dues ($30) and county dues ($2).